April 2016 StitchFix #3

This is my 3rd StitchFix box, but my first post.  I appreciate how the reviews of StitchFix I’ve seen are real women. Often I will see an item that I’m not interested in initially, but seeing it on a person who isn’t a model, I really like it. I experience the reverse as well.  My body type is at the top of the StitchFix size range and only a couple of women similar to me post reviews, so I thought I’d join in the fun.  This is an experiment, so we’ll see if I can keep it up with every Fix.


Before we begin – here are a few words about Stitch Fix and how it all works:


1. You start by filling out your style profile – you will complete all sorts of questions on sizing, pricing, preferences, colors, etc. You can also write notes about likes/dislikes. Here is a link which, if you decide to order, gives me a $25 credit to my account. https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/6818697
2. Order your first fix! Your card will be charged a $20 styling fee however, if you keep any item [one or more] you will be credited back the $20. Because of this I always recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially giving away $20 for nothing in return. You will receive 5 items [made up of clothing, jewelry, and handbags, whatever you prefer].
3. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back [in a postage paid envelope]! You have 3 business days to do so – use this time to try everything on, see what you have in your closet that pairs well with it and don’t be afraid to say yes to something that you wouldn’t normally. I find that taking photos like those below help me make a decision. Sometimes I’ll like something that after a couple more looks gets a thumbs down. Conversely, sometimes I’ll be on the fence, but after looking at the photo a couple of times, I’ll go for it. That’s what makes Stitch Fix so fun! If you keep all 5 items you will receive 25% off your entire fix!
It should be noted that while I have chosen to receive monthly fixes, this is in no way a subscription service and you are able to decide when you want another fix, whether that be in 6 months or 2 years from your first fix!
First, the box comes with everything prettily wrapped up with a note from your stylist.  Keri is mine, and she really seems to understand what I’m wanting.
This was the first item. I had requested this because I’d seen it before and loved the look of it.  This picture is off the feedback form on my iPhone.


With each item comes a style card to help you know how it can be put with other items to make an outfit.



Here I am in the blazer. I’m wearing it with a long sleeve T, jeans, and a scarf I already own.


I absolutely love this blazer. I love the soft feel and stretch. I love the little ruffle in the back. It is just so feminine and pretty and comfortable. However, it was way too tight in the arms. The T barely fit under it. Even with a short sleeved blouse, the arms were tight and bunched up funny.  I sadly sent it back.


Item #2


I really like this blouse. It’s a thin translucent material and comes with a matching cami to go underneath. It’s opaque enough to keep my underthings hidden. I really like the pattern and the design, including the little bronze studs on the front. You can’t see it in these pictures, but the sleeves sweep up in the back.  However, it was really tight across the shoulder blades. I was afraid I was going to pop a seam getting it on and off. Further, after looking again at these photos, I’m not liking the shape around my torso. I returned it.


Item #3



I loved the pattern and length of this skirt. I had asked for a replacement for a navy skirt I’ve had for years, and this was what Keri sent. It was soft and was a slip-on. As you can see from the side photo, however, it really emphasized my “problem area”. I sent it back.


Items #4 & #5



These I kept. They are absolutely beautiful.  The floral skirt is also a slip-on, but still a pretty sturdy fabric. It is fully lined. It is the perfect length. I had asked Keri for “something colorful” and she delivered.  The top is a lace overlaid on a soft knit with the lace open over the shoulders. I appreciated that the pattern of the lace hid my bra straps.  The back is a solid knit from the shoulder blades down.  My husband liked the top better untucked, but I think I like it better tucked in.  Either way, it’s a gorgeous outfit. I kept them both.



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