Tea Party honoring my Mom

My dad is retiring from the ministry next month. He’s been at the same church for 38 years.  Even though my mom isn’t a paid staffer, her role as “Pastor’s Wife” is very much a part of that ministry. In fact, her willingness to work outside the home at such places as Taco Bell, Izzy’s Pizza, and a local hardware store allowed him to work full time on a part-time salary.  She also taught piano lessons in our home.

The ladies in the church wanted to honor my mom’s contribution with a tea. My sister and I, along with my daughter, traveled in to participate.


I was happy to have an outfit from Stitch Fix that was perfect for a Spring tea party. The day before had been nearly 90 degrees, but the day of the party was cool and rainy. I wore a pashima wrap for warmth.

I heard many wonderful stories about my mom from the ladies at the church, including a hilarious story of my mom’s passion for the underdog. It involved her running out in the street in front of our house in her bathrobe and slippers to confront a man who’d stopped the car to argue with his female companion and had started beating her. Mom actually chased the man away.

Another woman told of how she’d stopped playing the flute after the grandfather who’d taught her passed away. Mom found out about it and brought a piece of flute music to church and told the woman that she’d be performing it the next Sunday. Reluctantly the woman complied and found that she’d been missing it. That was 4 years ago and picking up the flute again was the best thing she’s ever done.

Several of the ladies were in tears over my mom’s impending departure from the ministry. One lady told her that my dad was free to leave, but my mom needed to stay.  It was a very nice occasion and I’m glad I was able to manage the trip down. Sadly, my schedule won’t allow attending my dad’s last day and retirement party.



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