Breast Cancer: Doh!

Well, November 8 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, I’ve had doctor appointments nearly every day running tests and getting ready for treatment. I’m stage 2, but I won’t know if it’s low level 2 or high level 2 until the lymph nodes that were removed last Wednesday had cancer in them.  If they don’t, I’m facing 6-9 months of chemotherapy, then removal of my left breast. If they do….I don’t know. The biopsy of the lymph nodes were clear, so hopefully the removed nodes will confirm that.

Wednesday I also had a porta cath put in. It’s a weird contraction that sits under your skin at your collar bone and has a tube that runs down into the vena cava. Blood draws and chemo will take place through that. Unfortunately, my lung was punctured during the procedure, so even though I went home that day, I was back at the hospital Thanksgiving night with shortness of breath. I had to stay overnight for observation, but my body healed itself and gradually reabsorbed the air bubble that had formed outside my lungs. That was pretty painful while it lasted and I had an 8-hour work shift on Saturday. Fortunately, I was able to spend extra time on the desk mostly just sitting.

I start chemo Dec 1. I have the HER2 gene, and the doctor says that particular chemo tends to be pretty tolerable to most people. I’ll have chemo every 3 weeks.

In the meantime, since I’ll be losing my hair, my kids and I bleached and dyed our hair crazy rainbow colors for the fun of it.


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