StitchFix #5 (2-fer)

These may be the last photos of my hair for a while. I started chemo on Dec 1 and the prediction is loss of hair in 17-19 days.  I’ve been collecting hats to keep my poor bald head warm this winter, so I tried a few out in these photos.

My daughter and I got our fixes the same day, so this is a double post.  If you don’t know about Stitch Fix, check out the website. If you go ahead with trying it out, I get a $25 credit.  It’s a fun service for trying out new clothes in the comfort of your own home at no risk.

Both my daughter and I also got the same stylist. I had been with Keri, but she’s no longer with the company.

I really liked this shirt. It was really soft, but for $58 I just can’t justify the cost. If it’s something I could wear to work, I’d go that high, but not for casual. My daughter’s top is too low in the front. We had to hike it up in order for her cleavage not to show.


When I put on this dress, my 11-year-old asked, “Why did they send you a bathrobe?” My daughter commented, “That looks skanky.”

My daughter, however got a lovely dress that she may keep to wear at Easter.

I had asked for long sleeve dresses, so Meg sent this sweater dress.

I tried to dress it up with accessories (including a belt borrowed from my daughter), which definitely helped, but I just don’t think I’d wear it very often. I don’t feel pretty in it.


I got this sweater in my box, but the sleeves hung down past my fingertips. My daughter liked it and tried it on with her Star Wars dress. She almost decided to buy it, but the cost was prohibitive for such a casual piece.

My daughter also got this cardigan in her box. She didn’t much like the buttons on it.

This blouse is the only thing I’m considering keeping. It’s pretty sheer, so I had to try to find a dark colored tank top from last summer for trying it on.  I kind of like it, and it’s only $48, which with my $45 credit, is totally within my price range. (I got credit from a friend using Stitch Fix and winning a contest.)

My daughter also got a long sleeve T with lace detailing. We were happy to see that her bra straps could barely been seen through the lace. However, she doesn’t feel it’s really her style, so it will get sent back.

She also got this sweater, which she said, “This looks like a Gryffindor Keeper uniform, complete with pads. I could be Ron Weasley.”  This will also be sent back.

So there you have it.  Our December fix, with each of us contemplating keeping 1 from each of our boxes.

Another Blogger is hosting a bunch of Stitch Fixers at her page so you can see a lot of fixes in one place.  You can see them at:




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