Soon to be bald

So, I’ve been collecting hats from friends and the free shop at the hospital. I now have 5 or 6 I can wear with various outfits, and a couple that were given to me that will be donated immediately to the free shop.  It’s amazing how many hats there are made specifically for cancer patients that you would never see on someone who does not have cancer. They just scream “CANCER!!”. Pretty much anything with “chemo-” in its name is not going on my head. I’m not much of a hat person, but I do have standards.  Of course, I’m pretty young at 45 to have cancer, so maybe those styles appeal to the older crowd.

There were also wigs available at the free shop. Again, there weren’t any that I would be interested in having on my head.  My husband suggested that I go to Party City and get some fun and colorful wigs for the days when I want hair and I think I will totally do that if I get some Christmas money. (Our finances have been such that all my Christmas gift money has gone straight into buying groceries the last few year, and it’s likely that’s what will happen this year too. Not only do I not earn enough to pay the mortgage on my own, I have to work fewer hours during treatment because my energy levels suck. No more 14 hours days at 3 different jobs.)


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