Stitch Fix #6

I received my 6th Fix from Stitch Fix today. I’ve been a member for over a year, but financial constraints have dictated infrequent boxes. I love the items I get from Stitch Fix, though. They are unique and always elicit compliments.

I work for the local library system, and while I’m not required to wear business casual, I find that my interactions with clients are smoother when I project a more professional demeanor. I asked my stylist, Kelli, to provide office clothes, with an emphasis on dresses and skirts, with a request for slacks thrown in. I have to say that I was mightily worried when I first looked through the box and loved everything. I can’t afford a whole box, even with the discount of 25% off if you buy everything. Kelli really hit this Fix out of the park as far as my wishes and colors.

20-some years ago I had my colors done by a friend who was a consultant with Beauty for All Seasons, a company that shortly afterward imploded. I got a color wheel which I pinned to my Pinterest board.

I also pinned another chart with the same colors:

Kelli clearly used those pins in selecting my items:

So here is the reveal. Kelli sent a nice note acknowledging my requests:

I tried on the dress first. I pulled it out of the box with an exclamation of wonder. The fabric was soft and silky. The boat neckline is one I particularly like and the colors were perfection. I liked the bell sleeves that weren’t so big as to be a danger in the conveyor system at the library and very feminine. Even though this was the most expensive item in the box, I was pretty sure I would be buying it.

Then I tried it on. Sadly, my shape under the dress did not work very well. Every bulge and roll was visible. On the positive side, the length was perfect for my comfort zone. I’m wearing a Stitch Fix necklace from a previous Fix with the dress.

Next I tried on the skirt and ruffle blouse. I was hoping and praying the blouse would be a good fit, because that was love at first sight.

I was thrilled that the blouse was like it was made for me. The warm navy was perfect for my skin tone. The ruffles were feminine without being Elizabethan or Byronic. The gold buttons, which are decorative as opposed to needed, were an attractive accent. This is one of those pieces which is exactly right, but I probably would have passed it by in a store because I don’t normally do ruffles. I’m so glad Kelli chose this for me.

The skirt was a little too tight and I was on the fence as to the pattern. I might have kept it had it fit perfectly.

Finally, I tried on the other blouse and slacks.

First of all, I love when slacks have pockets. Often, though, pockets make slacks accentuate the hips. These solve that problem by having real pockets with zipper closures.

The fabric was comfortable and the style was nice, but they were a little too small and too short. I prefer the hem of my pants to hit the top of my foot.

The blouse was gorgeous with an origami bird pattern on it.

This blouse was a bit of wonderful in every respect. The split neck was not too low cut. The arm holes were perfectly sized so as not to reveal my bra. The fabric was silky and had a good hang to it. The tucks at the shoulders added a graceful, feminine touch.

The pants were too tight to tuck the shirt in, so I switched for a black skirt from my closet. I didn’t realize how it would disappear against the dark background. But you can get an idea of how perfect this blouse is with it.

I am so pleased with this box. While I only kept 2 out of 5 for fit reasons, every piece was exactly right as far as color and design. I was actually breathing a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to choose what to send back. That said, Stitch Fix will often be able to size a piece you love up or down for you on request. If I had the resources, I probably would do that with the pants.


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