Stitch Fix #7

I received another fix from Stitch Fix today. (The link is an affiliate link which gives me store credit if someone signs up for a fix through it.) I asked my stylist, Kelli, for an all dress Fix. I love wearing dresses during hot weather and I realized this summer that I simply didn’t have enough dresses to wear one every day. When I opened my box, I was thrilled to see that Kelli had knocked it out of the park again. Here’s her note.

All the dresses are machine-washable, which is very important to me since I prefer to put money into other things besides laundry. I love the idea behind all the dresses, but only 2 will be keepers after trying them on. My 12-year-old son did my photos, so they are of a quality of a willing helper who doesn’t really care about perfection.

I have been wanting a maxi dress for several years now, but unable to find anything that was just right. I don’t like cleavage baring dresses, and since my mastectomy, that is amplified. (Oddly, without the weight of a breast, there’s a funny concave space in the cleavage region.) This dress is perfect. The material is silky and stretchy. There is a lining that goes down to about mid-thigh. The colors are vibrant. This dress will definitely be a keeper.

The next dress I requested through my Pinterest board. I had seen a number of other Stitch Fix ladies get this and look fabulous in it.

I love the colors and the keyhole cutout. However, this dress does not work for my body. I’m pretty sad about that, because I still love it in concept. I especially like that the armholes are small enough to give full coverage.

This next dress is of a heavier material. I really like the color block design and the navy and off-white of the pattern. 

I was really on the fence for this one. It’s perfect for work and the material is flexible enough for the more physically demanding portions of my job getting books from high or low shelves. My husband ultimately tipped the balance away from this dress as he didn’t think it was as attractive on me as the 2 dresses I ended up keeping.

I really like the embroidery on this next dress. It has some lacy sections running down the length of the dress, but it is fully lined, so no skin shows through.

Black, however, doesn’t tend to do much for my complexion. I can use it for a blazer or skirt, but to have that predominant washes me out. Also, the dress hangs on me like a sack and it a little too short for my comfort.

The last dress was my absolute favorite. I fell in love when I took it from the box and was not disappointed when I tried it on.

This dress has the perfect amount of stretch and is fully lined. The fit and flare design accentuates the positive points of my figure while hiding the parts I prefer to camouflage.

I love the woven pattern and the burgundy color cheers my heart. The armholes are perfectly sized and the length hits me just right. This dress will find an honored place in my closet.

This fix was my best yet. To my surprise, everything fit me perfectly. (I was a little worried about that since I’ve gained weight since the cancer treatments totally changed my metabolism.) All the dresses were things I was excited to try on.  


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